Self-Standing Carnival Games

These games have their own stands and do not need to be placed on a table.

Prices are for game only:

Fully decorated carnival booth (includes tables and covers):  $120.00 + cost of game

Tabletop Carnival Games

These are smaller games which must be placed on top of a table.  

Game prices do NOT include tables or booths.

Game table: $10-12

Tablecovers: $8.00

Fully decorated carnival booth (includes tables and covers):  $120 + cost of game

Yard Games and Activities

Fun games for outdoor parties and weddings.  Unlike carnival games, these games don't require anyone to operate them.

About Our Party Rentals:  We have games for all ages and skill levels.  

There are two types of carnival games:  games of skill and games of chance.  Games of chance include the wheel of chance, wrecking ball, lollipop tree and to some extent fish bowl and witch pitch.  Other games require some skill to win and can be improved on with practice.  If your birthday party is mainly for young children, we recommend fish bowl, wrecking ball, can toss, spill the milk, pig race, and milk can toss.  For upper elementary-aged children's parties, try whipnskip, skeeball, flap attack, pig race, chickens can fly, and bullseye.  Rentals for corporate events or events with mainly teens and adults might include whipnskip, skeeball, ripsaw runner, chickens can fly, and flap attack.  For backyard barbeques and company picnics, we have lawn games that are great for outdoor events.  

Rustic Games

Looking for something a little more refined? 

Click here to view our complete collection of rustic wooden games, perfect for upscale graduations, wedding, and corporate events.  You can view the whole collection at our sister site, Rustic Garden Games and Rentals.  The site will open in a new window.