Our prize service is complimentary with all Fun Fair packages, with no minimum purchase.  

Prizes on consignment are available "a-la-cart" with a minimum order of $200.00 of either prizes or amusement rentals. 


Sorry, we do not sell prizes online or outside of our physical service area. 

Carnival Prizes "On Consignment"

(Available for events with 50+ guests)

Never run out of prizes or buy too much again!

We now offer two options for prize purchases:

1: Prizes on Consignment (pay only for what you use)

2. Unlimited Prizes (pay a flat fee per game per hour)

Approx 1,000 Mixed Small/Med Prizes for $250

Approx 1,500 Small/Med/Premium Mix for $450

Unlimited Prizes for Attended Games:  $23 per game, per hour (i.e. 6 games for 2 hours = $276)