~ Concessions ~


Cotton Candy Machine

Includes dome, paper cones, and 50 servings


Additional servings:  50 (1 flavor) for $10.00

*bulk discounts may be available

Sno-Cone Machine


Servings:  75-100 for $30.00

(1 gallon syrup, 100 cones, 100 spoon straws)

Popcorn Machine

Includes 10 servings


Additional servings:   50 for $15.00

Giant Candy Art / Pucker Powder Machine

Kids will have a blast making their own colorful pixie stix-style candy tubes with this 6 foot tall dispenser that holds 12 different flavors, from sweet to sour.   


Candy art turns concessions into a game!

Full Day Rental, $110.00 (25 small servings included)


No power outside? No problem! This quiet 2000hp Honda can run either the cotton candy machine or the sno cone machine.  2 hours gas included.  $95