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~ Concessions ~

Prices do not include tables and table covers.

Our concession machines are always clean and good condition.  We will show you how to operate the machines before we leave.  We also have videos and written instructions you can refer to.  Our sno cone machine is the simplest to operate - if you can use a blender, you can use this machine!  Pucker Powder doesn't even have electrical parts, making it very easy and safe even for children to operate.  Popcorn and cotton candy are not difficult, but do require instructions.  But don't worry, we are only a text away!

Cotton Candy Machine (Large) 



Makes 4-6 servings per minute

Includes dome and paper cones

Servings:  50 servings for $15.00 (floss sugar and paper cones)

Bulk rate:  $60/300 servings floss sugar, $15/300 paper cones

If you are ordering more than 50 servings and want different flavors, please let us know.

Cotton Candy Machine (Small) 


Makes 2-4 servings per minute

Includes paper cones

Servings:  $15 for 50 servings (of one flavor) or $75 for 300 servings

If you are ordering more than 50 servings and want different flavors, please let us know.

Sno Cone Machine 


Includes paper cones, does NOT include ice

Syrup:  $30 for 50 servings (2 flavors) or $75 for 200 servings

Popcorn Machine (Large) 


Includes popcorn bags


Servings:  50 servings for $15.00

Bulk rate:  250 servings for $65

Popcorn Machine (Small) $65
Popcorn Machine Cart (small machine only) $50

Includes paper bags to hold popcorn

Servings:  50 servings for $15.00

Giant Candy Art / Pucker Powder Machine

Kids will have a blast making their own colorful pixie stix-style candy tubes with this 6 foot tall dispenser that holds 12 different flavors, from sweet to sour.  Does not require power. 

*Pucker Powder may not be available with all orders due to space considerations in delivery vehicles.


Candy art turns concessions into a game!

Servings:  $1.00 each



No power outside? No problem! This quiet 2000hp Honda can run either the cotton candy machine or the sno cone machine.  2 hours gas included.  $75

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