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Is there a charge for delivery?

Orders will be assessed a fee depending on distance and difficulty.  Fees begin at $75 for addresses within 2 miles of our Fairfax/Burke location.


Delivery fees provided on this site are subject to change without notice.

Fees increase with distance, and additional fees may apply for:

Delivery more than 50 feet from loading area or over difficult terrain (hills, stairs, elevators, etc.)

Required use of a loading dock

Short time window for delivery or pick-up

Pick-up or clean-up outside in the dark or early morning/late night deliveries

Anything else that would make delivery especially difficult or time-consuming

If you aren't sure about your set-up area, please send us a photo so we can give you an accurate estimate and ensure that we will be able to safely deliver your rentals in a timely manner.  We cannot accommodate delivery requests that involve steep hills, large staircases, long walk distances, or other circumstances that may be deemed unsafe or which would make timely set-up impossible. 

Fees may occasionally be waived or reduced for off-peak days.

What is the minimum rental?

The minimum rental amount begins at $250 for events in Fairfax, not including delivery fees. 

Higher minimums apply for peak days and areas outside of Burke, VA or areas which involve travel through heavy traffic.

Minimum rental amounts provided on this site are subject to change without notice.  

Are there any other charges and fees?

Prices do not include sales tax (6%). 


Rentals delivered to locations at significant distances may necessitate driving equipment to the location the day before the event and staying overnight, in which case 2 day's rental fees are billed, as well as the cost of accommodations. 

How do we know our rental will be clean?  We've heard about people getting dirty party rentals.

We've heard that too!  In fact, you might have heard it from us.  We've been the customer that rented that dirty piece of equipment (it was a moonbounce, by the way), and we vowed that we would never rent dirty equipment again.  Since that moment, we have dedicated our lives to ending dirty party rentals everywhere.  It's our mission, our calling, our raison d'etre.  Everything we rent is spotlessly clean and beautiful or we don't rent it at all.  

Can we pick up instead of having our rentals delivered?

At this time, we are sorry that we cannot offer pick ups.  


Can we rent things from you and still rent a moonbounce from another company?

Of course!  We play well with others.  We can even recommend a preferred vendor.  


I want an item that you don't carry.  Do you have other things not listed on your website?

Maybe!  Call us and ask - we'd love to hear from you!  We can also obtain items from our local partners.  If enough customers request something, we might just go out and buy it!  

How long is the rental period?

4 hours maximum.  However, we will extend your rental period at no additional charge if our delivery schedule allows for it.  Set-up and breakdown are NOT included in the 4 hours.  Your rentals will be delivered earlier and picked up later.


 Can you deliver and pick-up our rentals at a specific time?

We provide a 2-4 hour delivery and pick-up window.  Drop-off or pick-up up at a precise time means arranging our schedule for the day around one event, which can entail additional driving time, fuel, and staff.  Therefore, we have to charge additional fees to guarantee precise times.  Nevertheless, we will do our best to accommodate your preferences into our delivery schedule, but can't guarantee any exact time as part of our regular fees.  If you would like, we can even have our driver text you updates on the day-of.  Our schedule is designed to ensure that all equipment is delivered and set up before the start of an event. 

Can you deliver to Maryland or DC?

We deliver to parts of Maryland that are within about 70 miles or 1 hour of us, and will deliver to DC with a $1,000 minimum rental.  

What do we need to do prior to pick up?

Rentals should be restored to the way they were when they were left.  That means all game pieces picked up and placed on or near the games, and all games in their original locations.  Please do NOT dismantle any games, tents, or displays, stack games, or otherwise prepare games for pick-up other than returning things to their original locations.  This is likely to cause damage to games or make it more difficult for us to pack up properly and account for all pieces.  

Do you provide attendants and one do they do?

We may be able to provide attendants for an additional cost (currently $150/half day, but please note that may change).  The purpose of an attendant is to make sure that all games are operated safely for both participants and equipment.  They will also make sure equipment functions properly throughout the party, and help with logistics such as explaining how games are played, changing batteries, and helping with prize distribution.  If all games are stopped prior to food/cake time, the attendant may - at the request of the host - help announce the cake and encourage guests to move to the seating area, help hand out cupcakes, etc., or otherwise perform minor party-related duties within the 2-hour party period.  However, they do not perform childcare functions and are not responsible for child supervision, nor do they perform cleaning duties (other than games). 

The overall organization of the party is the responsibility of the host, although we generally recommend: 1.5 hours game play, 30 minutes food and cake, clean-up.  

How is the Carnival Party organized?

The host is responsible for organizing the party, but the general recommendation is:

  • Adults or teen volunteers arrive a few minutes early to man games and familiarize themselves with games.  If you have a Game Manager, they will explain the games, but can obviously only run one game at a time, so we recommend finding volunteers to run the other 3.  

  • Guests arrive and are given gift bags in which to collect prizes

  • Children play games for about 1.5 hours, moving from game to game as they choose.

  • 30 minutes food/cake

  • Clean up

What games are available with the Basic Carnival Party?

We choose the games for the Basic Carnival Party package based on age, location, number of people, and tent color selection.  We are happy to include your preferences when possible.  We are able to keep this package affordable by limiting games that require extra space and manpower to transport and set up; therefore, some games are usually excluded from this package:  Porkchop Speedway, Frog Flinger, Dunk the Duck, Spill the Milk, Pirate Hook Toss, Slingshot, and Balloon Pop.  

Do the games come with prizes?

Games do not include prizes unless that is indicated in the description of the game or package rental.  Prizes may always be purchased for an additional fee.  For large events such as school and church carnivals, we offer Prizes on Consignment.

How should we handle awarding prizes?

For Carnival Parties:

We usually fill up buckets with one kind of prize each and put 1-3 buckets at each game.  We match the number of prizes per bucket to the number of guests, so that children can win 1-3 different prizes at each game.  Games can be adjusted to make them easier or harder to make sure that they are challenging but that everyone gets plenty of prizes without running out too soon.  

If you do not have volunteers to run your game stations, you can leave out prize buckets on an honor system.  You can also create a Prize Table and place all the buckets there, allowing children to go and choose a prize when they win.  In some cases, children have preferred to play games without prizes, and then fill up a goodie bag with a prize from each bucket at the end of the party.  


We can provide prizes and prize buckets, but hosts will need to plan and organize the system.  

For Large Events:

Large events, such as school carnivals and fundraisers, typically go through about 70-75 prizes per game, per hour.  If we provide attendants for your event, you may purchase these prizes for $20/hour, per game (rate subject to change at any time).  If you use your own volunteers, we can provided Prizes on Consignment, and you may pay for only the prizes that you use.  

Can you put the tents inside?

Yes, we can put tents inside.  We often put them in gyms and cafeterias.  They can fit in some residential houses, provided there is ample open space and high ceilings.  If you provide us with measurements and photos, we can determine if the tents will fit in your home.  In some cases, we may do a site visit once a contract is signed.  

Can you put the tents in a hilly yard?

Tents (and many of the games) must be placed on relatively flat ground.  We can probably help you locate a spot in your yard or driveway where the tents will fit.  


What age group are the games appropriate for?

Our games are best for age 3 - adults.  We do most of our small carnival parties for ages 3 - 10, but we also provide equipment for adult and family events such as grand openings, school and church carnivals, company picnics, employee game days, public festivals, and other community events.  We have games that are fun and appropriate for all ages.  

Do I need to pay a deposit?

Yes, deposits are required to hold rentals.  Deposits are refundable until 3 weeks prior to an event, minus a 10% fee for refunds of any payments made online.  Custom orders, such as backdrops or custom colors, may require a non-refundable deposit.  Please check the terms of your rental agreement for the most current information.  

What happens if I have to cancel my event?

As long as you cancel with more than 3 weeks notice, you will receive a refund of 90% of any online payments and 100% percent of payments made by check.  We cannot issue refunds for cancellations with less notice. Once you pay a deposit to hold your date and equipment, we do not accept new reservations for those items, and we limit the number of events reserved for that day in order to ensure timely delivery.  We also purchase materials needed for your event.  By the time your event arrives, we have invested time and resources and turned down requests from other clients.  As a result, we cannot accommodate refund requests for last-minute cancellations, regardless of the reason.  


Please check your contract carefully, as these terms are subject to change and changes may not be reflected here.

What happens if it rains?

We ask that you be prepared with a rain plan (or a plan for other inclement weather, such as high winds).  Most of our equipment cannot be put out in the open in inclement weather, and that includes carnival booths.  Our tents are rated as sun shades and are not suitable for heavy rain or high winds.  They can be put inside, under a large party tent, on a covered porch, etc.  We can help you find a solution, but will need to know in advance.  Please do not wait until the last moment to come up with a Plan B - Virginia has a lot of inclement weather!

My event starts at 5pm, and my contract says rentals start at 5pm.  Can you come and set up earlier?

Contracts reflect only the actual times of your equipment usage, not delivery and pick-up times.  We plan delivery so that we are finished setting up before your event starts.  Please do not tell us your event starts earlier than it really does because you are worried we will be late.  If we get up at 5am to set up for your 8am event which turned out to be at 11am, it makes us grumpy.  

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