Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a charge for delivery?

We are pleased to offer free delivery with a minimum order.  Minimum orders are:

In Fairfax County: $300.00

In Loudoun and Prince William Counties:  $400.00

All Other Northern Virginia Locations:  $500.00

Orders which do not meet the minimum for free delivery will be assessed a fee depending on distance, beginning at $25 for Burke and Fairfax Station.

Are there any other charges and fees?

Prices do not include VA sales tax.  If you are renting equipment that requires power, and it is more than 50 feet from a power source, you will also need to rent a generator for $100. 


Additional fees may apply for unusual circumstances, such as:

Difficult terrain (hills, stairs, etc)

Short set-up time for large events such as carnivals, requiring extra staff

Less than a 2-hour window for drop-off or pick-up (not including set-up time).  For example, if your event begins at 4pm and requires an hour of set-up time, your delivery window must begin no later than 1pm.

Late-night pick-up (our last pick-up is at 10pm)

What is the minimum rental?

The minimum rental amount for delivery is $95, not including delivery fees.  When discounts are applied, total rental charges after discount must still meet the minimum.  

Where are the bounce houses?

We don't have any.  

Why not?

Because everyone has bounce houses.   We wanted to offer something new!


And also, because bounce houses are not as safe as we like our rentals to be.  Sure, nothing is safe, and we all survived our unsafe childhoods filled with bounce houses, cap guns, and interstate rides in the back of an open pick-up truck (maybe that last one was just us), but we think that when you are responsible for the safety of 500 children who aren't yours, that's as good a time as any to become a helicopter parent.  

Kidsmart offers only the safest rentals available on the market.  We've searched far and wide to create a rental inventory that reflects our values of safety, creativity, and beauty - without sacrificing fun and excitement.  So while we don't offer bounce houses, we invite you to check out our unique games, like Giant Connect 4 and Giant Jenga, or consider a stream machines water party during the summer - these rentals are safe, interactive, and tons of fun.  We think your guests will love them!

How do we know our rental will be clean?  We've heard about people getting dirty party rentals.

We've heard that too!  In fact, you might have heard it from us.  We've been the customer that rented that dirty piece of equipment (it was a moonbounce, by the way), and we vowed that we would never rent dirty equipment again.  Since that moment, we have dedicated our lives to ending dirty party rentals everywhere.  It's our mission, our calling, our raison d'etre.  Everything we rent is spotlessly clean and beautiful or we don't rent it at all.  

Can we pick up instead of having our rentals delivered?

At this time, we are sorry that we cannot offer pick ups.  


Can we rent things from you and still rent a moonbounce from another company?

Of course!  We play well with others.  


I want an item that you don't carry.  Do you have other things not listed on your website?

Maybe!  Call us and ask - we'd love to hear from you!  We can also obtain items from our local partners.  If enough customers request something, we might just go out and buy it!  

How much is the discount for schools and nonprofits, and who is eligible?

It varies depending on the individual rental items, but it is generally in the area of 15%-20% on game rentals.  Our discounted packages are already discounted, so we can't discount them further.  However, if they don't fit your budget as written, we will work with you to find something that will.  

Most schools, houses of worship, community groups, camps, and other nonprofits are eligible for the discount.  

How long is the rental period?

4 hours maximum.  However, we will extend your rental period at no additional charge if our delivery schedule allows for it.


 Can you deliver and pick-up our rentals at a specific time?

We provide a 2-4 hour delivery and pick-up window.  Drop-off or pick-up up at a precise time means arranging our schedule for the day around one event, which can entail additional driving time, fuel, and staff.  Therefore, we have to charge additional fees to guarantee precise times.  Nevertheless, we will do our best to accommodate your preferences into our delivery schedule, but can't guarantee any exact time as part of our regular fees.  If you would like, we can even have our driver text you updates on the day-of.  Our schedule is designed to ensure that all equipment is delivered and set up at least 30 minutes to one hour before the start of an event. 

Can you deliver to Maryland or DC?

Maryland, yes, but unfortunately we do not have a DC business license and cannot legally deliver equipment to DC.