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I Bought a Pile of Junk (or Why I Love Rustoleum)

I got a little carried away at a going out of business sale for a rental company, and brought home what my husband described as “a pile of junk.”

I was determined to prove him wrong, but even as I was pulling this flower cart out of the store, it was falling apart. Some of the metal joints had rusted out and one of the shelves was hanging down slightly. It had chipped enamel and rust everywhere.

After pulling it apart and wiping it down with a tack cloth, I fixed the hanging shelf and some other rusted through areas with liquid weld.

The wheels had a lot of chipped enamel on them, and that was going to show through even if I primed and painted it. I wanted it to look smooth and shiny...and not like junk that I painted.

So we (mostly my husband – this took some upper body strength) sanded them smooth with a wire brush. It only took about 30 minutes and was well worth the result.

Next, I primed all the pieces with spray primer.

After that, I used Rustoleum Spray Enamel in Berry Pink paint and started spraying. It took a couple of days to get enough coats on and not miss any spots.

Berry Pink looked great!

And the result is….not a piece of junk! Also, not a flower cart – I’m thinking of it as a candy cart instead. Maybe cotton candy.

Now on to the rest of the pile of junk!

#rustoleum #flowercartmakeover #berrypink

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