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Rustoleum Versus Ugly Chairs

After I finished my candy cart and made my husband admit that it wasn’t a piece of junk, I turned to the chairs. They had a lot of rust and chipping paint, and looked pretty sad.

But I just didn’t have time to get out the wire sanding brush again. I decided to do it the lazy way and just spray the heck out them and hope for the best.

First I sprayed on a lot of primer. I made sure the rust and other stains were completely covered - it took three coats in some places.

Then I chose 3 different Rustoleum Spray Enamel colors: the same pink that I used on the flower/candy cart, a sea mist green, a teal blue, and bright white.

I sprayed the chairs with multiple coats of the Rustoleum.

Then I finished them off with some Clear Enamel just to cut down on scratches and chipping.

And voila! Definitely not junk! I’ve already rented them, in fact.

#diy #rustoleum #foldingchairs

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