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The Best Carnival

Carnivals are fun, or at least they should be. Of course, they are less fun for the organizers. Since helping carnival organizers is part of our business, we keep an eye out for great carnival ideas and ways to make hosting a carnival more fun. The best carnival of the year award goes to the carnival below. Check out all the great ideas they had; you can use them too!

1. Free entertainment. Performances were courtesy of local dance and martial arts schools, and the school's own music program. Aside from being free, student performers give parents a reason to attend and involve the whole school.

2. Sponsors. This school kept prices low and added to their fundraising by bringing in sponsors and community members at all levels, from poster advertisements for local businesses to a full craft fair.

3. Auction. They held a silent auction with donated baskets. This was a lot of work, but it brought in a nice profit.

4. Helping Others. They didn't forget about families in need. They held a "winter coat closet" for anyone to come and take whatever they needed.

5. Donated Prizes. It's a great idea to solicit leftover party favors parents have lying around, or even barely-used toys!

6. Food. They sold cotton candy and other concessions, but a food truck is always popular with those who want a more substantial meal.

7. Winter Carnival. Most schools hold their big events in spring of fall, which is exactly why you should consider holding yours in winter! Winter is a great time for rentals, since it's the off-season for many companies. You can find some great deals, and won't have trouble booking popular items.

It's also a good time for crafters to sell their wares at your craft fair while parents get to do some holiday shopping.

8. Plenty of volunteers. This PTA used high school students as volunteers. The students need community service hours for their diplomas, so they are eager for opportunities to help out. And they make great game operators! We should know - some of our Kidsmart staff are high school students, too.

So there are 8 reasons why this Winter Carnival was awesome. Try some of them at your next carnival!


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